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Reasons Why You Need a Shadow Fight 3 Hack


Looking for a role-playing game (RPG)? Try Nekki’s Shadow Fight! The game development studio has gifted our monotonous days with a game that entertains and challenges.

What’s New?


Shadow Fight 3 is the latest version of the popular Shadow Fight series and is free to download—whether your operating system is Android or iOS. The game has introduced better visuals, graphics, and effects, making it more enticing and exciting to both old and new players.

Unlike in the previous version where your player is literally a shadow, in this version, you can choose how your avatar will look in the game. But don’t get your hopes up, because you can only select the type of face, the color of the hair, and the hairstyle. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sure, the options are limited, but it’s actually a wise thing to do since you’ll need to wear an armor and a helmet anyway, meaning your looks won’t really matter.

You can also train with a person now, unlike in Shadow Fight 2 where you train all alone, as a shadow, in an old gazebo.

However, note that because of the enhancements made in this latest version, the Shadow Fight 3 requires a lot more phone memory and a little higher configuration compared to the previous versions. But I’m telling you, it’s worth it.


shadow-fight-3-hackThe game still uses the same currencies, and you can earn then use them later to upgrade your weapon or armor. You could still use real money to buy or upgrade stuff. And in case you haven’t realized yet, you’ll need a lot of gems and gold to upgrade because your weapons and armor will be your ticket to defeating the strongest bosses. However, using money is an option that isn’t available for those who can’t pay online. So, what will you do if you need more currencies to purchase or upgrade? Use a Shadow Fight 3 Hack! Because let’s face it. Not all of us have tons of cash allotted for video game purchases.

Below are the advantages of using a hack.



  • A real generator doesn’t disguise itself with flowery words (get more info)
  • You can get numerous gems and gold without spending a single dime!
  • You can save a significant amount of money with a hack.
  • Using a hack isn’t limited, which means you can use it anytime for as long as you want.
  • It’s safe because there are safety features available to keep you protected.
  • You can save time because you can upgrade at the start of the game and win quickly!

What are you procrastinating for then? Go on! Use a hack today and step up your game!

Becoming Good at Storytelling

telling stories

Storytelling has been around since the ancient times. Its purpose is not just to entertain. It is also used in communicating and learning. There are several old stories written in words or depicted in images and works of art that continue to connect to people over the span of centuries. It’s because people are usually drawn to compelling stories. While everyone has a story to tell, not many are gifted with the skill of effective storytelling. If you are among those who want to become a better storyteller, it is never too late to develop the skill.

1. Know your audience. Whether it’s for public speaking, a business presentation, or simple conversations with friends, a great story can capture and enthrall your audience. It can also help you send a message across. But not everyone reacts to stories in the same way. Becoming a better storyteller entails knowing and understanding your audience. This can help you choose the best story to tell that would be relevant to the people listening to you.

2. Choose a compelling story. While you need to pick a story that your audience would like, it’s also important that you choose one that you’d enjoy telling. How you feel about the story usually shows on the way you tell it. To be a better storyteller, you have to be fully drawn and engaged to the story if you want to connect with your listeners.

3. Take time to practice. Learning how to be a better storyteller involves preparation and practice. It sometimes takes time to learn how to tell stories effectively. Don’t skip the process o learning. Know your story at heart. Practice telling your stories to family and friends who can give you constructive feedbacks that you can use to improve your storytelling techniques.

4. Project confidence. People can hear confidence in your voice and see it by the way you carry yourself. Use your voice to capture and hold your listeners attention. Speak clearly and use your voice to convey the emotions that the story evokes.

5. Keep words simple. Using simple words to tell your story is one of the best ways to become a better storyteller. Remember that your goal is to connect and not alienate listeners with complex words. Practice keeping your stories simple and engaging.

6. Make eye contact. One of the many ways to connect with your listeners is through eye contact. Use it to establish a connection while telling your story. Making eye contact with someone you’re talking to or sharing a story makes the storytelling more personal.