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A Closer Look On Joosh’s Juice Bar

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First things first…

Let’s define the words art, book, and juice bar.

  • ART – is “the expression or the application of human creativity and imagination to produce works mostly appreciated for its beauty and emotion.
  • BOOK – is “a written or a printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.”
  • JUICE BAR – is “an establishment that primarily serves juice drinks such as freshly squeezed or extracted fruit in the form of blends, cleanses, and smoothies.”

Now, make these words ONE. What do you get?

Joosh’s Juice Bar.

For those unfamiliar with it, let’s take a closer look:

Not to confuse with a real juice bar somewhere in Los Angeles or London or even a home juice bar where people can make their own fresh juices and refreshing smoothies using juicers or blenders like those seen in, Joosh’s Juice Bar is one of today’s best-selling children’s book series.

Yes, you read that right. Written by Josh Gottsegen, a well-known health coach in Los Angeles, Joosh’s Juice Bars is a story about one family who owns and runs a juice bar in a forest called Tropland Rainforest. These books come with awesome illustrations by Sehreen Shahzad-Naqvi, as well as fun rhymes and vigorous recipes to encourage more parents and kids in living healthily.

It’s worth noting that Josh Gottsegen is described to envision a world where healthy living, along with optimism and rhymes, is a must. Aside from being a health coach in Los Angeles, he also has experience working in the entertainment industry – be it writing, editing, designing, or producing. His acclaimed children’s book series, which has three subtitles presently – The Tropland Tee-Off, The Snackbook Adventure, and The Banana Berry Adventure – is a part of the #OnePercentHealthier campaign, an international movement started by Josh himself to promote big results via small changes or doing things “one percent at a time.”

In conclusion, it’s not every day that you can hear about or read about someone like Josh Gottsegen who truly cares for other people’s health and lifestyle habits – as early as one can, if possible. And indeed, it’s never too early to start living healthily. It’s never too early for your kids to start living healthily and for you, as their parents, to guide them along the way.

Have you read Joosh’s Juice Bar? What lessons have you learned upon reading it? Share them with us on the comments section below!

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